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Local listings can be described as business listings on the map that commonly found in the upper or center of the outcome of the first page of Google. Listings in this area tend to appear when you search a keyword together with a specific city, that is, "Jaipur pizza." Resulting, these local search results are different than organic search results and sponsored pay per click ads. The process of local business listing makes sure that a firm does not lose on valuable clients from their area. Local listing ensures that the firm gets relevant and targeted customer traffic to their website which is not only from other parts of the world but also from their own vicinity and surrounding. What do we do?

If your business is not listed in local map listings then you are really missing many benefits as thousands of people make use of Google maps on a daily basis. Because of it, you will be really missing a golden chance of enhancing your website online visibility tremendously. Just by enlisting your website in the local map, though it`s an online business or an offline business, you will surely be able to increase the number of footfalls to your office or your shop by increasing the amount of traffic to your website. Every entrepreneur wants his business to flourish by leaps and bounds. Hence they are always into things that can add success to their business. Thus, local SEO is a great option for such entrepreneurs as it will surely yield into better results which will be in favor of your business. A businessman can easily increase the number of inquiries as well as number of visits through local map listings as more and more people now make use of Google maps for one or the other reasons. There should be a constant effort involved by using latest strategies so that you are not left behind in the race. From a survey, it was found the Google maps are used by over 90% of the internet users. Hence, overlooking the importance of the same will surely be a great mistake of any business. From this, it can be said that local map listings is one of the best ways to support you against the increasing competition and even for increasing the popularity among local customers. After making use of local SEO, it is necessary to take the follow up for the same. Questions like is your website optimized for local searches, are you happy with the number of local visitors that come to your website, must be answered. Then only, the purpose of local SEO service will be fulfilled and results will be seen. Generally people will prefer to deal with a local company as this has numerous advantages and a feeling of safety and security in the transactions. Because of this reason, people add the name of the places along with the searches to local service providers.

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  • Local Listing sites: 100
  • Featured in Google: Yes
  • Featured in Yahoo: Yes
  • Featured in Yelp: Yes
  • Complete Profile Creation: Yes
  • Logo in Profile: Yes
  • Map Location: Yes
  • Company Contact Details: Yes
  • Detailed Report: Yes
  • No of Reports: Yes
  • Completion Time: Yes

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