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10 Tips To Effective Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Submission And web Promotion.

  • Make sure your website is tested for good load time, dead links and cross-browser compatibility. dreamssofttechnology.com is a good website to do this.
  • Optimize you web site pages by making sure your top keywords appear in your title,meta tags and content.
  • Make sure you provide quality content that have something unique to offer and that have keywords or key phrases people might search to find your site.
  • If you sell products, give something away free (The word "free" is one of the top most searched words on the internet).
  • Build quality links to your site pages from other well ranked sites on your target search engine.
  • Make a list of your top keywords and key-phrases and track your listings/ranking in the top 10 search engines and analyze it periodically.
  • Submit to top directories there are many directories out there that list websites in their related categories - Just find the top ranked ones and submit your pages under related sections.
  • Make sure your web site looks attractive and easy to use with clear navigation and easy to read layout and fonts. This is especially useful for directories as manual approval is required for them.
  • Keep up to date with the latest in SEO by reading through articles, forums and related guides - remember SEO requires a lot of time and patience. You have to keep working on it.
  • Keep your website focused to cater to your visitors needs - don't throw in a free-for-all links program or forum to just attract traffic - in the long run this will pay-off as you

Initial Search Engine Optimization Comments:-

  • If it is desirable to get regional recognition in search engines, for local service, include city, state, zip, and phone near top of all pages as readable text.
  • Have all significant, keyword-rich text be “readable” by search engines (i.e. not as a graphic or in flash)
  • Home page should have enough keyword-rich content. It should be written with search engines in mind.
  • Have a Site Map that lists all links, organized logically by topic. List in footer menu of all pages, so that regardless of which page is indexed by the search engines, it will spider to all others. Not absolutely necessary to aid search engines for shallow-depth sites but is useful for visitor to understand scope/structure.
  • Use Heading Tags only 1 per page, 1 to many times, 1 to many times, etc. Put targeted keywords in these fields.
  • If JavaScript is used, put in external files and include a reference.
  • Create an Error404 capture page with look/feel of site design.

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